Saturday, 16 June 2012

SOLD Irukere Yansan SOLD

 Irukere Yansan : Czech seed beads, Czech and Chinese crystal, brass beads, bronze-coloured skull beads, cowrie shells, horsetail on skin.

European seed beads and crystal. Brass beads and bronze-toned skull beads, real horsetail on skin.

27 strand: 

9 bells, 9 skulls, 9 crystals

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Wand for Osanyin/Osain

Found wood, thought to be maple.Glass seed and moulded beads, Job's Tears, paper, sewn and glued..

Sold Crown (sold) and Ileeshin Gogo for Nana Buruku

Crown and Ileeshin gogo for Nana Buruku, Fabric, paper, seed beeds, cowries, glass cabochons, sewn and glued. CROWN is SOLD

Crown is sold

Ileeshin gogo is still available

Photo by Andrew Kyle McGregor

Photo by Andrew Kyle McGregor

SOLD Crown for Orisa Yewa, 2012. Sold - reference only

Crown for Orisa Yewa, Sold

Crown for Orisha Yewa: fabric, cardboard, seed and crystal beads, cowries, glass cabochons, sewn and pasted. Shown for reference only. Object is sold.